Om Engineering

FRP Products

With our head office in Rajasthan, India, we are a widely recognized and respected supplier and manufacturer of FRP Products for a variety of industrial purposes. Theses Fiber Re-enforced Plastic products that we offer are known for their sturdiness and durability and are available with large-capacity storage. We offer our products in bulk and accept orders from across India. Some of our more popular products are :
  • FRP Storage Tank
  • FRP Air Scrubber

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FRP Storage Tank

The FRP Storage Tanks we offer are available in a variety of sizes and gauges with different types of linings and coatings based on the application they are needed. We offer these tanks for drinking water storage for domestic use as an overhead tank, as well as for storage of a variety of chemicals and resins for industrial


FRP Air Scrubber

We offer premium quality FRP Air Scrubbers, which can be installed out the door like terraces of factories to help reduce exhaust and pollution from industrial exhaust systems by efficient air scrubbing the exhaust. We offer these sturdy installations equipment in premium quality FRP that has the ability to withstand adverse